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Patient Info

Mohs micrographic surgery is a technique to remove skin cancer that provides the highest cure rate of any treatment. The technique cures the most common types of skin cancers (basal cell and squamous cell) with a 99% cure rate. This is done by evaluating 100% of the margin by your surgeon after the tissue is removed in the operating room. The tissue is removed with 1-2 millimeter margins around the tumor. The tissue is then checked in the lab for any remaining cancer cells and this process is repeated until no further cancer cells remain. After the cancer has been successfully removed, Dr. Bigbie will speak with you about how best to repair the area. To read a patient brochure about the Mohs technique, please click below.  

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To learn more about your skin cancer, click the links below

Before your surgery

Please see the following list for answers to frequently asked questions and for what to expect on your day of surgery


  • If you have a picture or drawing of the biopsy site that was taken by your referring physician, please bring this with you. 

  • It is helpful to bring someone with you on the day of surgery. This will help with questions, remembering instructions, and having a driver in the event you need one after the procedure.

  • Eat a light breakfast before surgery

  • Dress warm. The waiting area and surgery rooms are kept cool

  • Feel free to bring a tablet or book to read. There will be some downtime while your tissue is being processed in the lab

  • Expect to spend 3-4 hours with us

  • Plan on resting for the remainder of the day after the procedure

  • We use local anesthesia (lidocaine) only. You will not be put to sleep for the procedure

  • Please do not wear makeup on the day of surgery

  • Do not drink alcohol for 5 days prior to your surgery

  • If you are on the medication warfarin (coumadin), please have your INR (blood level) checked the week prior to surgery and bring results with you 

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